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     Picture submitted by PotionWolf30936

    It’s Professor Flitwick’s birthday today, and appropriately it’s been a day of spells and Charms for Pottermore!

    We’re sure the spell-casting genius would be thrilled that students will be able to try four new spells in Duelling Club very soon, as revealed in today’s #PottermoreTreat– you’d better practice hard when they arrive, as we bet he’d give you all a run for your Galleons!

    If the talented teacher could teach you to perfect one spell or Charm, what would it be? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Professor Flitwick's page on

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  • 10/18/14--09:00: Trick: Guess who?

  • Today’s puzzling Pottermore Trick is to guess the identity of the mysterious witch J.K. Rowling is describing here. You can look forward to learning a lot more about her in the near future…

    Let us know your theories on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr using #PottermoreTrick. 

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    We’re all for looking your smartest on special occasions, like the Hogwarts Hallowe’en feast, but we think Hortensia Milliphutt legislating on hat pointiness might be taking it a bit too far…

    Ministers for Magic aren’t the only ones who enjoy enforcing unpopular rules - Dolores Umbridge imposed numerous Educational Decrees during her time as High Inquisitor at Hogwarts; disbanding teams and societies, banning students from reading The Quibbler and promoting herself to Headmistress to name but a few! We’re sure she would have revelled in the power of being Minister for Magic...

    If you were Minister for Magic for a day what #WizardingLegislation would you introduce? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and remember to use  #WizardingLegislation as we’ll be picking our favourites to show on the Insider.

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    Harry felt happier for the rest of the weekend than he had done all term. He and Ron spent much of Sunday catching up with all their homework again, and although this could hardly be called fun, the last burst of autumn sunshine persisted, so rather than sitting hunched over tables in the common room they took their work outside and lounged in the shade of a large beech tree on the edge of the lake. 

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    The autumnal breeze will have many of you unpacking your coats and gloves and, with the leaves turned from green to gold, autumn has fallen on the map as well.

    We’re sad to see the deckchairs by the coast packed away - a clear sign that we’ve left summer behind – but autumn does bring with it a host of other things to enjoy. While the Hebridean Black dragon and the citizens of London may not be appreciating the rainfall (and nor are those of us at the Pottermore offices!), we know others will be loving jumping through piles of autumn leaves, and watching the pumpkins grow in preparation for Hallowe’en.

    Autumn always reminds us of some great events in the Harry Potter stories – from the return to Hogwarts in September, to the start of the Quidditch season in November and, of course, the fantastically spooky Hallowe’en feast.

    How about you? Visit your homepage on to soak in the autumnal colours and atmosphere, and share with other students in the Great Hall what moments in the Harry Potter series autumn reminds you of.

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    Harry had expected a rather more impressive location for the Ministry of Magic.
    ‘Here we are,’ said Mr Weasley brightly, pointing at an old red telephone box, which was missing several panes of glass and stood before a heavily graffitied wall. ‘After you, Harry.’
    He opened the telephone-box door.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Seven, The Ministry of Magic

    For today’s Pottermore Trick, we’re asking you to remember the code Arthur Weasley needed to dial in the red telephone box, to access the Ministry of Magic.

    To make it even trickier, what wizarding words are spelt out by each of these five codes?

    When you think you’ve cracked one, let us know on FacebookTwitter or Tumblr using #PottermoreTrick, and hashtag the number you’ve solved.

    If you’re stuck, keep an eye on our Twitter page for helpful hints across the day!

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    ‘It’s all right,’ said a dreamy voice from beside Harry as Ron vanished into the coach’s dark interior. ‘You’re not going mad or anything. I can see them, too.’
    ‘Can you?’ said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the bat-winged horses reflected in her wide silvery eyes.
    ‘Oh, yes,’ said Luna, ‘I’ve been able to see them ever since my first day here. They’ve always pulled the carriages.’

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Ten, Luna Lovegood

    Today’s #PottermoreTreat is a beautiful concept drawing of an eerie magical creature – the Thestral.

    Thestrals used to be considered a bad omen, and are only visible to those who have witnessed death, and you’ll soon be able to read writing from J.K. Rowling on why Harry was only able to see these unnerving creatures in the beginning of his fifth year.

    Many of you have hotly debated this question - if you haven’t guessed already, what are your #ThestralTheories?

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  • 10/22/14--09:00: Trick: riddle me this!
  • You will surely remember Harry’s encounter with the Sphinx in the Triwizard Maze in Goblet of Fire, and the challenging riddle she gave him. For today’s Pottermore Trick, we’ve written you a riddle of our very own.

    In brand-new exclusive writing, soon to be released on, J.K. Rowling reveals her inspiration for naming this mystery Hogwarts teacher – can you guess their identity?

    Tell us your theories on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr using #PottermoreTrick.

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    It’s time for another Pottermore Treat – a sneak peek at original concept artwork for – but do you recognise this grim house in London? Picture the scene – muffled stereo noises, extinguished street lamps, a pungent smell of rotting rubbish and a mysterious piece of parchment…

    Vote in our poll or tell us your answers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr using #PottermoreTreat.

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    As many will remember, the mysterious Room of Requirement is located opposite an enormous tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy – but what did this foolish wizard attempt to do that resulted in his being attacked by angry magical creatures?

    If you’re finding it tricky to remember, why not take a peek at the chapter  ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ in your copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…

    Many characters from the Harry Potter series come across the Room of Requirement during their time at Hogwarts – even Professor Dumbledore found himself making use of its magical properties after taking a wrong turn in the castle. What would be in your Room of Requirement today? Tell us on FacebookTwitter or Tumblr using #PottermoreTrick.

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    The surfaces had all been draped in lacy covers and cloths. There were several vases full of dried flowers, each one residing on its own doily, and on one of the walls was a collection of ornamental plates, each decorated with a large technicoloured kitten wearing a different bow around its neck. These were so foul that Harry stared at them, transfixed, until Professor Umbridge spoke again.
    ‘Good evening, Mr Potter.’

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Thirteen, Detention with Dolores

    As many will remember, a certain Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher covered the walls of her office at Hogwarts with a hideous display of ornamental plates, each decorated with a bow-wearing, gambolling kitten.

    Whilst there are many things we dislike about the cruel teacher, we can’t deny that we also have a soft spot for animated and entertaining kittens.

    Help us build a simply meow-vellous wall of #FrolicsomeFelinePlates on the Insider that only Dolores Umbridge would adore, using our plate below. Share your designs on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr using  #FrolicsomeFelinePlates.

    To spark inspiration, here are some of the Pottermore team’s purr-fect creations:

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    Ministers for Magic are often the source of wise words, but what now infamous statement did Millicent Bagnold make to the International Confederation of Wizards in 1981?

    If you can’t make up your mind, why not ask your Ravenclaw friends for a helpful hint…

    Look out for more nuggets on historical Ministers for Magic from J.K. Rowling on soon.

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    The duelling champions and bookworms amongst you have correctly guessed that the four new spells coming to Duelling Club are the Tickling Charm, the Levitation Charm, the Freezing Charm and the Disarming Charm.

    Soon we’ll be putting your duelling skills to the test and giving you the chance to earn a brand new badge - what do you think it will it take to earn the title ‘Charming Dueller’?

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    Today’s Pottermore Trick is a difficult one, but we’re sure you’ll rise to the occasion. We’ve created this curious crossword for you to complete, and have hidden a wizarding word in the answers as an extra challenge.

    Unscramble the hidden word from the highlighted letters to reveal the subject of new writing by J.K. Rowling, arriving soon on

    Click on the crossword below to print, and good luck!

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    Today’s #PottermoreTreat is all about wicked witches. We're sure you can guess which malicious character J.K. Rowling is writing about in this snippet – Dolores Umbridge delighted in humiliating and eliminating her opponents during her time as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts.

    But do you agree with J.K. Rowling that, despite their contrasting allegiances to the Ministry of Magic and to Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange are as evil as one another?

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    ‘STOP THEM!’ shrieked Umbridge, but it was too late. As the Inquisitorial Squad closed in, Fred and George kicked off from the floor, shooting fifteen feet into the air, the iron peg swinging dangerously below. Fred looked across the hall at the poltergeist bobbing on his level above the crowd.
    ‘Give her hell from us, Peeves.’
    And Peeves, who Harry had never seen take an order from a student before, swept his belled hat from his head and sprang to a salute as Fred and George wheeled about to tumultuous applause from the students below and sped out of the open front doors into the glorious sunset.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Twenty-Nine, Careers Advice

    Many of you around the world will be enjoying Mischief Night, as it’s the night before Hallowe’en, and no one loves playing mischievous tricks better than the eternal prankster Peeves.

    Fondly referred to as the master of chaos at Hogwarts, Peeves took Fred Weasley’s words to heart when the twins left the school, causing pandemonium wherever he went, and especially targeting the villainous Professor Umbridge. We particularly enjoyed him dropping a bag of tarantulas into the Great Hall, and the image of him floating after Umbridge and blowing raspberries every time she spoke.

    If you were a master of chaos at Hogwarts for the day, what would you do? Tell us your most creative and mischievous idea on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr using #MasterOfChaos.

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    Image submitted by CloakHallow98

    The Weasley matriarch is always rushing around looking after others, so we hope Molly is putting her feet up today for once!

    Molly gives the greatest presents to her family, Harry and Hermione; from the colourful Weasley jumpers, to Easter eggs the size of dragon eggs and home-made fudge – what birthday present would you give her today? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr using #HappyBirthdayMollyWeasley

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    We’ve been playing ‘Trick or Treat’ in the countdown to Hallowe’en, and now it’s time for the biggest treat of all – wickedly brilliant new writing by J.K. Rowling is now available to read in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on

    Discover brand new writing by J.K. Rowling

    Delve into the backstory of malicious witch Dolores Umbridge, unveil the mystery of the eerie Thestrals and unlock the secrets of every Minister for Magic since the position was created in 1707.

    Explore beautiful scenes from Order of the Phoenix

    Enter the spectacular Atrium at the Ministry of Magic, visit Gilderoy Lockhart in the Closed Ward at St Mungo’s, marvel at the magnitude of the Hall of Prophecy, discover the headquarters of the secret Order in Grimmauld Place and more in the beautiful Moments from Order of the Phoenix.

    Hallowe’en has arrived on

    Visit the Great Hall to witness the spectacular annual Hallowe’en feast, and don’t forget to take a peek at the Hallowe’en map on your homepage.

    We also wanted to say a massive thanks to the thousands of you who took part in our ‘Trick or Treat’ teasers – we’ve loved seeing your reactions and creativity over the past few weeks. Be sure to come back to the Pottermore Insider next week when we’ll be sharing our highlights from the last 15 days.

    Enjoy a spooktacular Hallowe’en!

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    We loved seeing the spooky Thestrals depicted in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on, but most of all we were thrilled to read more from J.K. Rowling about the eerie creatures, and why Harry Potter was only able to see them in his fifth year.

    We asked you to tell us your #ThestralTheories before the new writing was released on – did you find the answers you were looking for, or discover more questions about these mysterious creatures?

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    Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun of our ‘Trick or Treat’ event. Here are just a few of our favourite contributions over the 15 spooktacular days, and the answers to each riddle and puzzle.

    October 16 – Trick

    Well done for guessing that our muddled concept artwork was of a centaur, and especially to those who took the time to unscramble the image themselves….

    October 17 – Treat

    We hope you’re all enjoying the four new spells in Duelling Club: the Tickling Charm, the Freezing Charm, the Disarming Charm and the Levitation Charm!

    October 18 – Trick 

    This Pottermore Trick was a real tease, with answers ranging from Professor McGonagall to Hermione Granger to Mafalda Hopkirk, but we were glad so many deduced that Dolores Umbridge was the star of this extract of J.K. Rowling writing:

    You can read the full entry here.

    October 19 – Treat 

    We were inspired by all the creative and imaginative ideas for a #WizardingLegislation the community had – here are just a few of our favourites:

    October 20 – Trick

    Well done to everyone who knew that 6-2-4-4-2 is the number to dial to enter the Ministry of Magic. Many of you worked hard to successfully crack the codes we gave you for this Pottermore Trick, but if you didn't guess them, here are the answers to our numerical enigmas:

    October 21 – Treat

    It was interesting to see that so many of your #ThestralTheories were correct – had you worked out that Harry was only able to see Thestrals after he fully comprehended the significance and finality of Cedric’s death?

    If you’ve not read the full entry yet, you can find it here.

    October 22 – Trick

    We wondered how many of you would find the link between R.S. Hawker’s The Song of the Western Men and the mystical Divination teacher, Professor Sybill Trelawney…

    Find out all about Sybill Trelawney in the full entry on

    October 23 – Treat

    Time for some poll results! Well done to the 58% of you who remembered that number twelve, Grimmauld Place – where the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix are located – is protected by the Fidelius Charm.

    October 24 – Trick

    You all know your Order of the Phoenix facts so well, it was hardly surprising that you knew exactly why Barnabas the Barmy was attacked by magical creatures…

    October 25 – Treat

    There were so many im-purr-essive and creative designs for the #FrolicsomeFelinePlate wall. If you haven’t seen it already, you can expand our beautiful Frolicsome Feline plate wall below to see our favourite 30 of your creations! Can you find your meow-vellous contribution?

    October 26 – Trick

    Our sixth Pottermore Trick was a difficult one, and well done to the 21% that knew Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold asserted all wizarding folk’s ‘inalienable right to party’ after the events at Godric’s Hollow in 1981… We’re sure Percy Weasley would have been as keen as the 27% who guessed ‘thick cauldron bottoms’ – it would have made his job at the Ministry a lot easier all those years later!

    Find out more about the Ministers for Magic from J.K. Rowling here.

    October 27 – Treat

    Have you earned your Charming Dueller Badge yet? To be awarded this impressive badge, you’ll need to win duels using each of our new Charms – the Tickling Charm, the Levitation Charm, the Disarming Charm and the Freezing Charm.

    October 28 – Trick

    If you completed our curious crossword you’ll have discovered that the hidden wizarding word was ‘Azkaban’. We hope you all enjoyed reading J.K. Rowling’s new writing on the history of this Dark and haunting fortress.

    October 29 – Treat

    We asked you to tell us who you thought was the most wicked witch – Bellatrix Lestrange or Dolores Umbridge. It was a close competition, but Dolores Umbridge was your ultimate choice…

    October 30 – Tricks and Treats

    The final day of ‘Trick or Treat’ ended in mayhem! We loved your mischievous ideas on being a master of chaos at Hogwarts, and we know Peeves would be proud.

    These were just a few of our favourite pranks and tricks…

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